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EdgeX Marketing Committee - Sub team check in - Shared screen with speaker view
JIm White
As an idea of GitHub counts - there are 355 forks of one of our main repositories today. You would have to run a script against all repositories to get all the repos and all forkers. When we get GitHub users that have forked, you are some what dependent on just how complete a person's profile is . Some only provide a user id and nothing else.
Henry Lau (HP)
It could become a different form or extension of EdgeX Ready program
EdgeX Foundry
Thanks Jim, is it easy to run a script for all repos?
EdgeX Foundry
I think this is an interesting metric to check at least every quarter
JIm White
Not to hard, would probably take a day to pull something like that together. We might even be able to talk to the LF Insights team to see if that is a statistic to add to the dashboard.
Aaron Williams- LF Edge
Jim’s comment is something that we would want to get into the LFX insights tool.
Aaron Williams- LF Edge
EdgeX Foundry
Aaron, agreed!