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CoVideo Chat - School Safety Protocols - Shared screen with speaker view
Luberta Crouch
Sorry wouldn't allow me to unmute
Amelia :)))))
Thank you for having this meeting
Mary Anne Kaputa
Question: When student's are unaware of a risk due to the policy of the school NOT to explain the situation, couldn't this put students at risk of not taking a sitistion seriousky? For instance, 2 weeks ago, shots were fired on the corner of the property of Nottingham HS. The inividual who fired the shots was not found, and was last seen running toward thr school. This was at 1:30 pm. At 2:30, the school liftrd the lockdoen without knowing where that shooter went based upon an "all-clear" from the police. Police said everyone had run away, and could not find a threat, so they called the school and cleared it. The kids were then released at 2:30, one hour after the shots fired, with no knowledge that there may be an active shooter in the immrdiate areas off campus where they were walking. 1) Does this sound OK to other parents? 2) Was the footage from the school reviewed, was the shooter identified from the video, and if so, is that person that fired the shots a student from Nottingham?
Is it really a good idea to have a sign in a classroom window facing outside to alert anyone on the outside of the building of a "safe room?" Wouldn't that draw attention to the fact that there will be many people in that specific room to a potential shooter that may access the building?
Also, are there metal detectors in every building? If so, how did a gun enter the Ed Smith school? If not, what needs to happen to get metal detectors in every building?
Mary Anne Kaputa
2nd Question: I am aware of 2 students at Roberts Elementary and 1 students at Nottingham who have made direct shooting threats, but the school derermined the threats were "not credible" (even though the kids said, "I am hoing to shoot..."). Is there any talk of revising the Code of Conduct for ZERO TOLERANCE for these types of threats? Statistics show that MANY active shooters have made previous threats. Why is SCSD allowing kids back into our schools if they make these threats? Can the Code of Conduct be modified to keep this from happening?
Liz Ross
Obviously Need Better Equipment because they still get weapons inside our Schools ! I have Personally Witnessed this 😳😞-
Is there going to be a police officer stationed at every elementary? If so, when?
Amelia :)))))
I agree. The child or children should not be welcomed back to school. This is not acceptable to put our children at risk.
Mary Anne Kaputa
my daughter was outside at the time of the lockout and made it into the building...
Mary Anne Kaputa
right, but shouldn't the students have been made aware????
Then a sign that IS currently in a window should be removed?
Amelia :)))))
How can parents help the district? Can us parents volunteer to be involved in the schools to give other children some comfort? and support the teachers and district? What more can parents do?
Mary Anne Kaputa
the teachers didn't know why Nottingham went on lockdown, but they did open a back door and let the natural resources program inside during the lockdown while the shooter was running toward the school
is it possible to put a metal detector at every school entrance and assign a police officer there?
Andrew Sedlak
Hi, thank you for this information. During a lockout/lockdown scenario, how are parents notified of the situation asap?Also, how does all this content apply to After School Programs. Are they trained on the same manner?
Brea’s iPhone
I am a parent and employee in my building and concerned about the lock down protocol - not all staff have keys to lock their doors, and locks are on the outside. Is there a plan in place to correct this?
Mary Anne Kaputa
are these sessions open to the piblic? when are they?
Mary Anne Kaputa
Some of the schools aren’t doing enough at times after being notified constantly until it’s too late and kids are being bullied/harassed and bringing weapons to protect themselves. Which isn’t acceptable but I don’t blame them being a parent ready to send my child with mase to protect herself because the threats are getting out of hand!
This is also true of the after school program when teachers aren’t in their own rooms.
Allison Nast
I’m curious as to why a hold in place was not done when the student came to Ed Smith with a gun
I would think the school and parents of the Texas school also didn't think there was a threat to that building because of it being an Elementary building. We need to begin protecting EVERY building.
Amelia :)))))
What more then we are doing now will change at the beginning of next school year?
Will the retired officer/ safety officer carry? Is this going to start this September?
Savonne Proctor
I understand. Makes sense. Thank you.
Amelia :)))))
How much extra stress is this putting on our kids? Are they learning at their max potential? Will there be extra people for our kids to talk to when they feel scared or threatened?
Allison Nast
Are school faculty and staff trained in the Stop the Bleed program?
Allison Nast
My husband is a trainer for the program
Allison Nast
I will send you an email
Amelia :)))))
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and thank you for having this meeting. Please take care.
shalanda Graham
Andrew Sedlak
Thank you everyone
shalanda Graham
tristoff@scsd.us Director Ristoff
Zakia Thomas
What is going to be done about summer school or will it be cancel this year due to everything going on? If not cancelled do they have any protocols in place?
Allison Nast
Thank you for all the information and your care for our kids