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PA PQC QI Collaborative Virtual Meeting – SUD Screening and Treatment - Shared screen with speaker view
Adena Brewington-Brown
Has the 5Ps been added to EPIC at Jefferson?
katongo mulenga
our struggle has been getting consistant referrals from either our hosp setting or our outpatient settings. our program is still new and Covid has really taken priority but i would love to hear how you were able to maintain consistent referrals to your program
Bob Cicco
Hi, Sue! Great presentation. Question for you. Given that you currently are only getting information on screens occurring in the hospital, do you have anything in place when you get a positive screen late in the pregnancy, like when she presents for delivery. Do you go back into the prenatal records to find if a screen was administered prenatally, and, if not, why not?
Debbie Bonner
How did you get the Medical staff to sign on to form program and protocols? At Crozer we have the PEARL Program that supports pregnant moms challenged with addiction and also postpartum up to 8 weeks. Most of the babies treated for NAS are PEARL Mom's that we have engaged with during pregnancy. We cant get the OBGYN's or Pediatrican 's to consistently referr clients. What do you suggest?
Steven Guo - PA PQC
If you are unable to receive the polling questions pop-up feel free to respond in the chat if you are comfortable doing so
Debi Ferrarello
We are waiting on the 5 Ps build into EPIC, but in the meanwhile, it has been embedded into the H&P of our OB providers.
katongo mulenga
We perform the scrennings during our prenatal intake visits
Karena Moran
@Debbie Bonner - depending on who needs to make the referral to the PEARL program, you can also work with social work/care management to let them know about the program and refer patients as well. Additionally, having an order set or info attached in the EMR to positive SUD screens could help streamline this process for providers.