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EVCG Education Program - Successful Trees & Bushes in the Estes Valley Mountain Community - Shared screen with speaker view
I'm looking for a recommendation on trees or shrubs to serve as a block from traffic along Fall River Road. The area is full sun, low water and attracts plenty of elk and deer. They'll need to be at least 8' tall to provide a block so ideally should be fast growing. The area is 40' across. What would you suggest?
Brenda Hileman
what is an online vendor that you would recommend?
Mike Elgin
Can you recommend a landscape contractor to evaluate my home and help develop a long-term master plan? My property has a lot of shade so I want some help in figuring out what to plant.
Mike Elgin
Can we get a copy of Floyd’s powerpoint slides?
Kathy Delker
Would you please comment on the low grow sumac as a shrub for Estes Park -- deer/elk resistant?, digging a big hole to fill with garden soil to plant in?, watering?
Kathy Delker
Could I have success tranplanting "wild" rabbitbrush and a "wild" potentilla?
Chris Greenwald AIA
are rhubarb deer resistant?
Claire Hanson
The recorded presentation and slides will be on website in a few days...
Kathy Delker
Thank you very much for this presentation!
Brenda Hileman
thank you for your informative presentation