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December Quarterly Call (9AM) - Shared screen with speaker view
Lori Rosenthal
What advice would you give to Asian Americans who are suffering from discrimination, but are afraid to be the focus of attention, as it makes them feel like they are diverting attention away from Black Lives Matter?
Alicia McConnell
You mentioned potential speakers from Penn as well as discussed the importance of the student perspective. Could we have a young student speak rather than another established adult??
Kristen Harris Nwanyanwu
What are some ways to encourage white people to do their own anti-racist work without burdening Black, indigenous, and other people of color?
Tara Davies
WE-CARE (White Educators Committed to Anti-Racism & Equity).
Lisa Anastos
I am Co-Chairing the Wharton Club of NY’s new Equality Task Force. What advice would you give to the Task Force? Additionally, it would be fantastic to get your list of 100 potential speakers as it would be wonderful addition to our meetings. My email is lisaanastos@gmail.com
Colleen Blair, Penn Alumni
Lori Rosenthal
Hi Lisa and Everyone, I am the EVP for the Wharton Alumni Social Impact Club, which has many initiatives, including ones on Gender Equality, Gender Lens Investing and Eliminating Systemic Racism. We love to partner with other Wharton/Penn Clubs. Check us out at www.whartonimpact.org and me specifically at lori_rosenthal@hotmail.com
Belinda Buscher
There is understandably a lot of conversation in the social equity space around anti-racism and we touched on some other markers of diversity - ethnic, ability, gender and sexuality. Any suggestions about conversations and support around other diversity markers, such as income disparity, religious, and political ideological differences. Some of these differences can be harder to visually identify but can be important to address.
Kristen Harris Nwanyanwu
we just started the Penn Med Black Alumni Society to help the medical school. thank you for your help harriskm@gmail.com
Lori Rosenthal
We have a program tomorrow on Climate and Gender tomorrow. Check out our website, Events
Lori Rosenthal
Thank you for an uplifting and optimistic morning. Appreciate being invited in!! Best to all!!! Chaz, you have such a smooth and optimistic voice, you should be broadcasting all the time.
Alicia McConnell
Chaz, thank you so much!!! and all the Penn staff
Tara Davies
Thank you, Chaz! This was incredible! Thank you to everyone for joining us today. Let us know how we can support you and we look forward to continuing the conversation!
Laura Lai
Agree, thank you for a great discussuion and coversation
Chaz Howard/Go Quakers!
So so good to be with you. Reach out anytime. choward@upenn.edu
Belinda Buscher
Thank you, Chaz, and to everyone for being here this morning!
Kristen Harris Nwanyanwu
This was fabulous! Thank you!
Thank you for this great conversation!
Lisamarie Caby
Such an enlightening program! Thank you