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ODAKtr Seminar: Quality Assessment and Accelerated Aging Experiments of Optical Components for CSP Plants - Shared screen with speaker view
Tuba Okutucu
The question and answer session will be held after the talk. You may type your questions here.
Mehdi Mehrtash
Thanks for your detailed presentation.
Mehdi Mehrtash
how do you identify the source of degradation whether it is from the humidity or the temperature change or etc?
Melike Benan ALTAY
You have shown us a picture which represents two different and very high capacity solar concentrator types (parabolic trough and solar tower) in the same area as an example. This was a real example from Spain (If I am remembering correctly :)) and I want to know that why two different technologies were used for the same area. For example, although all environmental conditions look same, why didn't they use just parabolic trough for that region?
Aynur Eray
thank you very much for your detailed and informative presentation
Onur Taylan
Thanks for the presentation. I wonder how you quantify the solar absorptance. Is it via reflectance and transmittance in a spectrophotometer?