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HR Warrior® & Business Leader Insights - What Business Leaders Say about You When You're Not in the Room & What You Can Do about It - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Guenther
Questions? Comments? Post them in the chat! Let us know what’s on your mind!
Kelly Guenther
Question from @tc - I have a leader within my client group that, regardless of how I try to engage and try to show how I provide value, he refuses to partner with me. We do not have a lot of history together, so it hasn't been anything I have done or haven't done. At some point, is it healthier to let it go? How far do you recommend we take our initiative of changing the perception of HR?
Kelly Guenther
Keep your questions coming…we will be sure to address them:) This is your time…make the most of it!
Kelly Guenther
You’ll find the full presentation (including slides) on our website (https://abbraccigroup.com) later this week! An email will be sent out as will once it’s posted:)
Jeff Fortner
This is great information. As an HR professional, I always challenge myself to know the business better and continue to ask questions to gain more knowledge. Plug for the book: If you haven't read it yet...GET IT
Keri Ohlrich
Thanks Jeff:)