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Raising the Grade on Oral Health in Oklahoma: Dental Professional Workforce - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Pendarvis
We welcome everyone to begin putting your questions in the chat as we go.
Jeannie Bath
Dr. Tran, with your patient population, do you create treatment plans and schedule to complete the plan, or is treatment determined at each appointment?
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
Yes, Dr. Tran! Interprofessional education, training and coordination is a great way to address many of these issues and challenges!
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
Your use of Prevention Specialists to to outreach and education is awesome, Dr. Bailey!
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
Great vision to start “changing the tide”, Dr. Bailey!
Chris Bailey
thank you so much
Bonnie's iPhone
The dental hygienists’ association has surveyed the hygienists in the State and they are very supportive of a hygiene based dental therapist mid level provider.
Jana Winfree
Policy interventions? such as CWF, restrictions on SSB, mand. health education in schools...
Dr. Bragg
In Okla, we do have problems with dentists being willing to serve the entire State and Public. I personally also fear that we are beginning to see dental fees exceed a reasonable range for our population.
Bonnie's iPhone
The OK Attorney General opposed the CDHCbecause it included teaching the licensed scope of practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. The program could continue without those provisions.
Keepper, Susie (HSC)
Very nice presentation!
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
In fact, the CDHC model was opposed by the Oklahoma Dental Hygiene Association because of perceived overlap between the proposed CDHC scope of practice and that of dental hygienists. We can talk more about what overlap actually did and didn’t exist. A complaint was filed with the AG’s Office and they ruled that the full CDHC model was totally valid within tribal and I.H.S. jurisdictions (which accounted for ~half of our trainees) and the training was modified so that other community -based health centers would not incorporate the skill sets of concern. Let’s talk!
Bonnie's iPhone
Thank you Laurie for talking about how hygienists are a workforce ready to move forward to help dentistry provide access to care!!
Rachel Ostberg
Can the dental hygiene programs participate in that broad discussion as well when it happens? We'd all really love to be involved.
Laurie Humphrey
I appreciate the forthright communication and direction from Ms. Rogers. I look forward to meeting with key players to discuss future possibilities. Thank you for all you
Jeannie Bath
Agree with Laurie! What will that meeting look like?
Jeannie Bath
What are the key organizations that need to be involved?
Jeannie Bath
If only we had a coalition supporting oral health in Oklahoma... (wink)
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
Thank you to ALL of our speakers for sharing with us today! We have a lot of issues to address as we move forward. Please plan to join us for our Statewide Oral Health Awareness Forum which is slated as a hybrid in-person / virtual event on June 4, 2021. We’ll be addressing a lot of these issues as we begin serious work towards a new State Oral Health Plan!
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
This multifaceted wicked problem is indeed an opportunity to work towards any number of multifaceted, high impact solutions. So buckle up, Buttercups, and come along SIDE and along WITH us as we truly focus on "Raising The Grade on Oral Health in Oklahoma”! If you have not signed up as a member of our coalition or our regular mailing list, please do so by going to the following links:How to Joinhttp://www.oohc.org/formembers/?page=howtojoinMailing Listhttps://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001UQRSifJYLY2RYn8Z393shS1nhBd6RxY8
Laurie Humphrey
Good insight Dr. Winfree.
Beatty, Marsha W. (HSC)
Yes! Many thanks to ALL of our attendees!!!