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OHT Information Session: Guidance Documents for TPA Deliverables - Shared screen with speaker view
Amber Alpaugh-Bishop
Very grateful for the spirit of flexibility - thank you :)
Stephanie Soo
The guidance documents are available here: https://health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/connectedcare/oht/#supports
Irene Wright
I echo Ambers comment. Thank you for the flexibility of dates.
Sharon Hendry
What is the CoP you mentioned for OHTs specific to PFC?
Sandra Holdsworth
Community of Practice (CoP)
Gordon Newman
Will there be development of a list of points of contact for PFAC groups distributed to facilitate the suggested idea sharing?
Anna Dion
Hi Sharon, we have an OHT online space that hosts a learning community as an online space and monthly community calls. You can sign in here https://quorum.hqontario.ca/oht-collaboratives/en-us/ and then join the OHT patient, family and caregiver collaborative
Anna Dion
The online space is hosted by RISE and OH
Amber Alpaugh-Bishop
We discovered recently that you need to join the collaborative and also click on "Subscribe to Updates" - we were, admittedly, missing info because we hadn't clicked on that button - oops!
Anne-Marie Yaraskavitch
When you access the OHT online space link Anna has posted click on Find My Group. You will find a list of Collaboratives one of them being Patients, Families, Caregivers.
Sharon Hendry
Our OHT utilized the Ministers PFAC DOV to formulate our OHT DoV
Anna Dion
Great point, thanks Amber- the updates will go directly to your email and you can set the frequency.
Christopher Thomas
Just adding to Allison's comments regarding midwives, there's an appendix in the guidance document that outlines many of the primary care models that OHTs should be mindful of engaging in this process.
Christine Sham
Information sharing is about first understanding why you need the information and for what purpose and what information exactly is required, and to do that, you will need to consult broadly. And yes there are subsequent technology and privacy considerations arising out of that.
Richard Morrison
Can you please share your slides?
Stephanie Soo
We'll be sharing the slides and recording with OHTs!