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Think Again - George Handley - Shared screen with speaker view
charlene durham
I think the scripture that the world was created for "man" to subdue has been used as the primary stance of the church, unfortunately.
Rick Casady
Some have characterized this simply as dominion theology. I believe the heritage of imperialism and colonialism was shaped by the idea that Europeans were meant to rule over others, as if they were Israelites entitled to new promised lands.
charlene durham
A friend asked me today what a society looks like that is not based on consumerism. You have mentioned what a simplified, sanctified life looks like, but how can we generalize that concept?
Rick Casady
Sometimes I think of the human presence upon the earth is like a gigantic toddler alone in a sandbox containing the earth's resources and living organisms, which ignorantly destroys and consumes all around it with no thought of the consequences. For some people of faith, they assume that the Great Father or Mother will, at some point, rescue this destructive child from its folly. How can we fault an innocent child for behaving like this.
charlene durham
Beautiful analogy. I agree that this is a predominant track for those who look forward to the second coming of Christ as the Great Father who will rescue us.
Richard Tenney
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimerer is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read
Jay Griffith
Yes, Richard! I call it scripture. Seriously. Poetic profound scripture. Highly recommend it.
Rick Casady
Part of finding common ground with people about the environment is to experience the outdoors together. Sportsmen, farmers and field biologists are more familiar with the natural world than I am, who has rarely camped, has almost no experience with hunting, fishing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, etc. People who regularly get out in nature, for whatever reason, may have more to say about stewardship than those who prefer domestic comforts.
charlene durham
George. You can definitely pat the council persons on the back for some excellent previous actions...I drove through Utah Valley 2 weeks ago and remarked how beautiful it was compared to what it looked like 35 years ago when I worked there and Geneva Steel dominated the horizon and air.
Rick Casady
Provo has been transformed, and BYU is different from the campus I knew in the 80s. I would say that much has improved. At the same time, I see some of the same mistakes being made, in terms of unplanned growth, which were perpetrated in the Santa Clara Valley in CA, where I grew up.
charlene durham
I recommend that you look at Boise for excellent mixed use development (as well as cautionary tales in Meridian).
Lorene de St Aubin
We love and appreciate this conversation.
Madison Daniels
Richard Tenney
I'm also a SUWA member
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we are SUWA also.
Madison Daniels
looooove all the SUWA members
Richard Tenney
Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire is also inspiring
Linda Shelton
Thanks for a great meeting!