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COVID@Home for Primary Care Connecting Call - Shared screen with speaker view
shashi devi
can you send us the links?
Zainab Shireen
Can u kindly e mail recording after lecture
Dee Mangin
The links in the chat will be embedded in the slides also
Sue Wojdylo
OH East (Central East) - all links and memo were circulated yesterday afternoon, to ensure broad communications on the various links.
Barbara Klassen
We presently have remote monitoring services for Covid positive through OHW. Do we anticipate that this service will be ending?
Rebecca Wallace
Practically speaking, how do you deliver the O2 sat monitors to patients? We have a number of patients in large apartment buildings with covid. Does someone from the clinic just drive it out to the apartment building and drop it off outside their door?
Peter Saranchuk
Is there a plan to make monoclonal antibodies available to primary care providers in Ontario, to be given to those at risk for severe COVID-19 disease?
Jane Charters
I was going to ask same thing re delivery. How is cost of delivery funded ?
Peter Saranchuk
I.e. shouldn't we be looking at the PREVENTION side of things?!?
Zainab Shireen
Why not we tell patient to buy 0xygen sat monitor instead of delivering it?
Ann Rodrigues
I completed the survey, but there is no confirmation e-mail or f/u info. How do we know our order is confirmed and how many oximeters we will recieve?
Melissa Kwiatkowski
For regions that have had RPM for COVID patients run by paramedics - will those programs continue to be funded?
Janine Theben
Thanks Ann. We don't have a confirmation process currently but that is a good idea Will take that back to the team. It takes about 24-78 hrs for delivery
Jane Charters
Orangeville uses their paramedics to deliver them
Anka Brozic
What is a reasonable number of O2 sat machines to order from the Ministry?
Melissa Kwiatkowski
For regions that have had RPM for COVID patients run by paramedics - will those programs continue to be funded?
Zainab Shireen
How do you arrange oxygen at home ? Which company? and how do patient manage that oxygen cyclinder at home ?
Sue Wojdylo
Certainly for OH East, happy to support and / or review any options in terms of any additional supports re: monitors or other to ensure patients receive what they need when they need it.
Beth Cowper-Fung
its just you
Dee Mangin
Re O2 providers: We have forms uploaded for the Hamilton providers - there are 2 but these may vary. In the resource document is a link for other providers in Ontario.
Sue Wojdylo
Just you...…..we can hear.....
Dee Mangin
When you order the O2 the respiratory therapists will go in and set up do formal saturation measure and give patients detailed use instructions.
Dee Mangin
They will also do follow up assessments
Mary-Jane Rodgers
Where does the funding to support this program come from?
Barbara Klassen
Did all the physicians agree to participate or is it a core group?
Wendy Thomas
What % of active COVID cases are monitored on this program?
Sue Wojdylo
Respectfully, may I ask if there is ongoing engagement with Home and Community Care as a collaborative effort?
Zainab Shireen
Can we get blood work at home through mobile labs checking things like D dimer to know about need for anticiagulation/ severity
Rebecca Wallace
Seconding the question from Zainab. I struggle with chest pain covid+ patients and the inability to r/o P.E. even with stable vitals in outpatients
Sue Wojdylo
Agreed, as they have unique skill-set, and understand the community as embedded eyes and ears... cp is an important partnership.
Rebecca Wallace
Honestly, I have been recommending every single covid + patient to get an O2 sat monitor, even very low risk. Everyone just feels better. Can we just send the monitors out to everyone or do we have to follow the guidelines for only high risk? And what is the maximum number of O2 sat monitors we can order?
Janine Theben
We generally were finding that 1 o2 sat monitor for every 1000 patients was required - but if you have high COVID incidence in your community you might need more
Amanda Connell
are there options to get home bp monitors also- this seems t o be a parameter that we watch for deterioration
Janine Theben
sorry we don't have provincial procurement for BP monitors at this time -
Roy Mathew
in the US, there was a recommendation to call covid positive patients every 48hours if minimal symptoms but daily otherwise. also can of 02 sat less than 94% Eastern Virginia Medical school had a guideline that stated patients should be sent to ER for assessment of less than 94%. Please advise. thanks
Barbara Klassen
What role did your RN/NPs have in this, if any, and what administrative supports did you use?
shashi devi
I've had patients who've been monitoring their sats told by EMS that their brand of monitor is not accurate. do you have any recommendations?
Lucia Nicoara
How do you manage patients with high fever.
Barbara Klassen
Thank you
Carol Thomson
What brands are used?
Janine Theben
The brands are listed in the resource toolkit along with the links to their manuals
Rosslyn Bentley
what is your cleaning protocol?
Lucia Nicoara
High fever, 39.4-39.6, not responsive to NSAIDs/Tylenol.O2 sat >94%.Seen in the ER,sent home.Any guideliness for starting antibiotica and Dexamentasone by FD?
Janine Theben
If you are having trouble developing relationships with your local hospital please reach out and we will try to assist to connect you as needed
Janine Theben
Oxygen vendors will have Respiratory Therapists who will also be in the home and do set up, education etc.
Jai Mills
This was a very helpful meeting Thank you
Hilary Blackett
Is there a timeline for implementation expected by OH?
Ann Rodrigues
Yes please! I would like to discuss barriers and challenges.
Lisa Ash
yes a follow up meeting would be great'
Daniel Bois
It would be good regroup. thank you
Tori Coates
Yes a follow-up would be appreciated.
Sue Wojdylo
great INFO. but LHIN is an enabler rather than a direct care provider, but happy to support in whatever way we can.
Barbara Klassen
Potentially - I think we need to speak with our team and see if there is interest. If there is, a discussion may be valuable.
Carol Thomson
I can’t find where specific brands of O2 monitors are mentioned=. Can you direct me please =
Dee Mangin
IN the Ministry resource doc