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Growth, Interrupted: Navigating COVID’s shock to Canada’s tourism workforce - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrei Mitchev
Hi everyone!
Kelly Brintnell
Hello from OTEC!
Heather Elder
Hello everyone! On behalf of the Tourism HR Canada team, many thanks for joining us today.
Steve Georgopoulos
Such rich and meaningful information thus far. Well done Mr. Mondor and team.
Nowshad Ali
I have sent an enquiry regarding this to Destination Canada and awaiting a response. I post it here as I think it is relevant. While we await a vaccine and its distribution, two things that can greatly enhance safe travel are: 1) the requirement for travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test no longer than 72 hours prior to departure; 2) an immediate or short term COVID-19 test. To what extent is this being pursued for Canada?
Heather Elder
Hi Nowshad, the Public Health Agency of Canada would be the best source for this information. I will see if we can find any related information after the session.
Nowshad Ali
Thanks Heather. I guess my hope is for entities such as Tourism HR Canada and Destination Canada to advocate for this with Public Health so we can get them thinking about its appropriateness earlier and we can keep these types of strategies on their/the radar. of course we would want something like this only when it is safe and appropriate. Thanks again for this and to you and colleagues and keep up the great work.
Heather Elder
Thanks, Nowshad--I know our partners at the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Hotel Association of Canada, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, and others are highlighting such topics as part of the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses: https://www.hardesthit.ca/.
Balmiki Adhikari
Thank You !! Tourism HR Canada for this insightful information regarding HR of Canada Tourism Industry. Balmiki and #ClearSkyTreks team from #Nepal
Andrei Mitchev
Thank you, very insightful