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USTA School & Community Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Kimberly Coie
Thanks Tony and Jackie, It is amazing how many kids you are reaching!!!! Regards, Kim Coie, Denver Colorado,TGA tennis and golf coach
Kimberly Coie
I went to one USTA training session here in Denver. It was really helpful
Chris Hall
Can CTA partners get access to the same electronic resources that schools get when they register?
Tony Stingley (he/him)
Chris, if you have a account, you will have access to the curriculum.
Kristine Fox-Rivera
What are the benefits of having a school partner and what does the partner do for a Phys Ed program or school.
Tony Stingley (he/him)
The benefit of having a school partner is that you have someone to refer your students with if they are interested in tennis, that person that you refer them to is Safe Play approved. Depending on the bandwidth of the partner, they may be able to do a school visit to help get your students excited about tennis. Some may be able to assist with your tennis unit. Lastly, the school partner is required to receive the free equipment package.
Kimberly Coie
I do both of these (four square and tap down) with my elementary age kids.
Kimberly Coie
I am SafePlay approved. KIm Coie, Denver, Colorado
Kristine Fox-Rivera
How can I find my school's partner or get a partner for my school?
Ronnie Li
Natalie, Ken, Jocelyn, Mike, Ronnie from USTA EASTERN volunteered at NJ SHAPE Long Branch on Valentines for 3 days! and recruited 100 schools!
Tony Stingley (he/him)
Kristine, we will send out a document with the school section contact. Reach out to your section contact and they will assist you in connecting with a school partner.
Tabitha Stout
LOL these are awesome LOL
Tony Stingley (he/him)
That's great, Ronnie.
Ronnie Li
Congratulations CHAMPS Jackie and Tony! Thank you for your ACE SERVICE and Olympian dedication! Looking to promote TENNIS in East Brunswick, NJ. Ronnie Li, USTA Eastern NJ Region Volunteer of the Year 2021
Tabitha Stout
This was really great, thank you!
Kimberly Coie
Tony, Where are you located? Regards, Kim Coie Denver, CO
Andrew Coon
Thank you Jackie and Tony!!
Javier Otero
Thanks for all the great information!
Jennifer Wells
No questions, thank you for the great information!
Kimberly Coie
DO you have any online tools for tournaments? Generating a tournament bracket?
Kristine Fox-Rivera
when I register can I register the school as a whole? do I have to register each class that I teach? do I have to register each student in each class?
Kristine Fox-Rivera
Thank you.
Kimberly Coie
Great! Thanks! Kim Coie