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Research Committee Sponsored Webinar Series - June 14 - Speaker view
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Hello and welcome! Please feel free to place any questions into the chat box for our moderator to address with our speakers.
Jacquelyn Lajiness
For those of us who will be on the interview trail soon are their attributes that you look for to gage how committed institutions or specific departments are to training and supporting physician-scientists?
Matthew Kan
We can save my question for the end: I'm finding that in my subspecialty, which has a combination of clinic and inpatient service, that time for documentation and patient correspondence are not factored into the clinical effort.. what are some strategies that we can employ so that the clinical time doesn't creep up into a percentage that is significantly higher than what is agreed to on paper?
Nina Prasanphanich
Lisa mentioned imposter syndrome - did anyone ever have a "backup plan," for when/if you don't get that next grant? Is there value in that kind of planning?
Andrew Cox
sorry have to leave for kids! Thanks for your wonderful advice!
Elizabeth Pate info@amspdc.org
Elizabeth Pate info@amspdc.org
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Sara Moore
Dr Fiks mentioned clinical experiences will often reinforce your research and visa versa. I'd love to hear an example of this.