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Ganesh Radisys
Hi All, Ganesh from Radisys. Joined late, a minute ago.
Tracy van Brakle (AT&T)
Just to be clear, "O1" does not mean based on 3GPP only
Jack Murray AT&T
As discussed on the AAL FEC way forward call today, we would like to initiate a new repo in OSC. This overall proposal will be discussed and approved by WG6 later this week and then we also need to review it with the TSC, but as our intention is to use the repo for the July specification train, we would request OSC to initiate the creation of the repo so that work can occur in parallel with the discussions.ThanksWG6 co-chairsWhyWG6 is considering splitting its AAL FEC specification into two portions to be published together in the July 2021 train – a) a formal specification document published through the normal O-RAN FRAND process that covers stage 1 and stage 2 specifications, and b) a stage 3 API document that covers data structures and programming language level details specific to open source implementations such as DPDK that would be published in ORAN OSC repo under a BSD license and referenced from the formal AAL FEC specification. The purpose is to enable easier ingestion of
sorry need to leave for another call. pls take a look at the email I sent today regarding SCCL.