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Colorado Regional Spring Gathering - Shared screen with speaker view
John Robey
Is your talk available to read?
Eric Aslakson
thanks for the very interesting tallk. I have a couple questions: From your words, I assume you opine that the outcome of the early ppl of the light would have been different if they had not tried to explain
Eric Aslakson
their positions. What do you think the outcome then would have been?
Nancy Andrew - COS
I Loved this talk! And hope to read it again. Can you speak a bit more to the relationship of the very early Friends, especially Fox, to the Scriptures?
Bennett&Tril Rutledge - Centennial, CO
I have been reading about how the story of George Fox and William Penn's sword, with "as long and thou canst" as the punch line, may not be authentic. What canst thou say?
Jerilyn Winstead
You mentioned some of them performed signs and miracles, and mentioned walking naked in the street, is that what you said? Can you explain?
John Robey
I agree, ve1ry interesting, but due to my hearing loss, I know I missed words, hence would like better understanding. Thank you
Polly Washburn (MVFM, she)
No question, but deep appreciation. I was struck by your inventive application of the phrase “virtual reality” and will give that further contemplation.
Deneen Crandell
Do you believe that only Quakers can be "on fire in the Light"? Are there not non-Quakers who are on fire in the Light, without realizing it? I am thinking of someone like Greta Thunberg,
Jerry Peterson
Any thoughts as to what options are available to do with whatever amount of fire we have? Other than our important social justice work and concerns.
Judy Danielson
This morning worship, a friend read a quote from Fox about the need to first look within. This seems to resonate with your message. We remember the quote about looking at our lives to see if therein lie the seeds of war. What are your thoughts about our responsibilities in our society today?
Judith Streit and JC Adamson
What was the role of vocal ministry in the practice of those early children of the light? And what might it be today?, from JC
Bennett&Tril Rutledge - Centennial, CO
Following up on Jerry Petersons' question, it sounds to me that the issue back in those times was founded on the same "My answer is right and yours is wrong" judgmentalism we see so much today. Is there is a crack here where we can start breaking down walls?
Jerilyn Winstead
Would you say there are parallels between their Truth revealed to them and the growing movement among society today to spend time in meditation as a regular practice?
Judith Streit and JC Adamson
So early Children of the Light believed that they should "convert" others? Could you elaborate?
Nancy Andrew - COS
Several Friends "speak my mind" with their questions about what about NOW. Interesting how you closed your talk--about how to revitalize-recharge-share the Light in a way that attracts people. In visiting various Meetings virtually this year, I'm struck by the seemingly average age--lots of gray. I realize the there are vibrant Young Friends groups in IMYM and FGC, but I wonder about our future as a Society of Friends--estimate of only 140,000 in the US???
Amy Christiansen (she/MVFM)
This was a fantastic view of early Quakers, and in my mind, at any rate, helps to explain many of the failures of Quakers with regards to their treatment of other people, such as people in bondage, and perhaps regarding treatment of the Native peoples of North America. One thing I’m interested in is that we unprogrammed Quakers seem to spend a lot of time and energy thinking about trying to mend the rifts with other branches of Quakers, and even on convincing organizations that we are Christian in order to belong to them. I’m wondering what your opinion is of that, or if you believe that, at this point in our trajectory, we would be better off channeling our Light and energies on the critical issues at hand, and be willing to be considered “not Christian”, whatever that might mean.
Patti Davies
Thank you for this inspirational talk. I was struck by your phrase, "Quakers on fire in the Light." At the end of your talk it sounded like you suggested that "Quakers burning with fire in the light" may not be as prominent as it was with the early children of the light or early Quakers. If this is true, what might current Quakers consider to make the burning in the light more prominent?
Polly Washburn (MVFM, she)
The Chicago meetings met in a park during Occupy - it was beautiful
Bruce Thron-Weber, he, him
What practices can help us let go of our egos?
Nancy Keith - Colorado
No the vigil is not happening any longer
Geoff Tischbein
When did the concept of clearness committees first begin to evolve?
Linda Seger
many of our meetinghouses look like churches, houses, etc, - does it help our presence if they more clearly looked different? Peter Le Var
Danielle Broadaway
Is it possible that there are constructs from “the world” that are part of our Quaker culture and alienate people. I’m thinking about the construct and imposed reality of privilege and supremacy. Aren’t many of our members able bodied, economically comfortable, and white? I think we have to navigate how our society is impacting us as individuals and as a community.
Bruce Thron-Weber, he, him
What did early Friends do in worship?
Eric Aslakson
You mentioned Sufi experiences. Have you read about the early Montanists (AD135-170) - and their ecstatic prophetic experience? Their opposition by those around them. Do you see parallels to early Quakers?
Nancy Keith - Colorado
Bouder Meeting House certainly looks different
John Robey
I don't believe the lyrics to this are particularly new:http://friendsmedia.org/kidsquake/printables/WalkInTheLight.pdf
Peyton Chandler
I just want to say that the quaker beliefs are certainly more appealing to the younger generation that have been shunned from "Christian" churches. I don't think people know who the quakers are.
Kathryn Ruud
I appreciate your example of repeated return to simple practices (waiting in silence, time, gathering together) and clear speech as “the basics”.
Jerry Peterson
Is this being recorded? If so how can we receive it?
Alexandra Daugherty
Robert, Eric and Polly, Thank you all. I received so much from our Spring Gathering.