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E2A Project's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Ilayda Orankoy
Hi Claire! Welcome, everyone.
Nana Dagadu
yes, thanks!
Johannes Linn
The ThinkWell project lasts from 2018-2022 — are you thinking already about what will happen when the project ends — i.e., how to sustain and scale up beyond the project? If you have a mid-term review coming up, it might be worth focusing on this question very explicitly.
Zoom TLI5
The ThinkWell presentation was very interesting and informative. it sounds like there have been evaluations in including of processes, which have been informative. I'm interested to know more about any mechanism for "real-time" and cross-county learning to quickly uncover challenges but also identify emerging lessons and "positive outliers" whose experiences could be generalized.
Could Nirmana share a bit more about the country learning partners work. what are the approaches/strategies and who are the country partners. is it basically MOH?
Martha Paren
I’d be interested to know more about the indicators you use to assess increased local government ownership?
Johannes Linn
In most countries health (&FP) responsibilities are scared between national, state/province and local government levels. How does your approach integrate the higher government level functions/financing to ensure effective scaled up/sustainable financing and delivery of services?
Johannes Linn
“shared” not “scared” (I guess my mind is on COVID?!)
Leah Goldmann (CUSP)
Can you speak more about how health workers and communities are equipped to hold governments/leaders accountable? Has there been any backlash and/or examples of success?
Johannes Linn
Question on the last of the three presentation, which was really helpful in focusing on scaling: One of the lessons from scaling experience is to keep matters simple (see Larry Cooley). How does your experience with complex intersectoral approaches reflects on that lesson — are there ways to keep the scaling process simple, or is this an unrealistic expectation?
Ana Aguilera
Question for Kojo: I saw that there was a distinction in TCI program implementation sites between original design and original+AYSRHR. Can you elaborate a bit more on any differences you are seeing when it comes to scale up between those sites working on the original design vs. more concerted efforts on AYSRH?
Johannes Linn
Excellent session! Many thanks.
Nana Dagadu
thank you