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African Resilience Investment Series for Women Entrepreneurs Launch - Shared screen with speaker view
Vanessa Adams - VP Strategic Partnerships AGRA
Welcome to all of you, and thank you for joining us today to ARISE launching support to SMEs to BuildBackBetter out of COVID! We look forward to hearing from each of you, Vanessa Adams, AGRA
Apollos Nwafor - VP Policy & State Capability AGRA
yes please you can pose your questions here
Mejury Shiri
https://value4her.hivebrite.com/signup - the link to join VALUE4HER digital platform
Amede Achingale
Thank you Mejury
Sabdiyo Dido - Head of Gender & Inclusiveness AGRA
we would be delighted to know you all, pls feel free to introduce yourselves and your organisations
Babafemi Oyewole
Great program, the African Agribusiness Alliance (AAA) will collaborate with AGRA and the VALUE4HER digital platform to promote women in Agribusiness.
Kabwe Musonda
Kabwe Musonda
Kabwe Musonda
kabwe Musonda - Engineering Institution of Zambia
Amede Achingale
It is definitely not
John Magombo
John Magombo - University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Karen Munoko
Hello all, Karen Munoko, head of agribusiness and gender. Joining from FARA in Accra. Pleased to join in the launch of the program.
Sabdiyo Dido - Head of Gender & Inclusiveness AGRA
keep them coming, also feel free to share your questions, comments, suggestions on how you can partner with us on this program
Gloria Wawira
Hello, I am Gloria W from Kenya. I am a farmer. f.
Amede Achingale
Amede Achingale, Bosaz Foods. Joining from Nigeria
Sofie Blakstad
Hello, I'm Sofie Blakstad, CEO of hiveonline, the community finance platform supporting communities of financially excluded entrepreneurs in Africa and elsewhere. We help farmers reach markets as well as capital. Congratulations on this fantastic initiative!
Sheila Mugyenzi
Sheila K Mugyenzi, Director Investment Promotion and Development, Uganda Investment Authority - joining from Uganda
Peter de Klerk
Peter de Klerk, Senior Economist, International Sugar Organization, London.
Saheed Adams
Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria. I salute and congratulate the female agripreneurs in the house.
Karen Munoko
I think the strengthening of women capacity to lead is great, but also let's not forget strengthening of men's capacity to lead by accommodating the voice of women
Zaynah Khanbhai
Zaynah Khanbhai, CEO Merging Mundos, Kenya and Argentina, growing women and youth agripreneurs in Africa.
Tabitha Gichiru
my name is Tabitha Gichiru.,MD of Tabikon Solutions Limited. We farm Macadamia Nuts, Avocados and pineapples in Kenya. Very glad to be here
Vanessa Adams - VP Strategic Partnerships AGRA
Value4Her and ARISE are pan African
Amede Achingale
Hi Tabitha, nice to meet you here. I have a client looking for Macadamia, please can you get in touch with me via achingsamede@gmail.com
Daniel Karanja
Daniel Karanja, CABI
Efrat Elron
Efrat Elron, CEO of Eco Strategies, specializing in high value sustainable climate smart agriculture for small farmers and a woman entrepreneur myself. Greetings from Israel, and thank you for organizing the meeting!!!
Tabitha Gichiru
Hi Amede.. nice to meet you too.. I will definitely get in touch. Thank you!
Olufunmi Adepoju
hello everyone. My name is Funmi Adepoju. Managing Partner of PearlMutual Consulting Ltd, Lagos Nigeria. We mare fund arrangers and we focus on the Agric Value chain and manufacturing companies.
Laura Davis
Laura Davis from RENEW. Based in Ethiopia
Zaynah Khanbhai
Merging Mundos with AGRA’s implementing partners recently trialed bio fertilizers on maize in Kenya which yielded 190kgs extra per acre. We believe these are technologies Africa can embrace from Latin America and our program Merging Mundos Agri Leaders is ready to collaborate for Food for the World from Africa.
Arjmandbanu Khan
Am sayinh hello again as I only shared with Panelists. My name is Banu Khan and I am the Regional Gender and Inclusion with Plan International. I am here as I am passionate about helping women entrepreneurs excel in life and in business.
John Magombo
What is the project's transmission mechanism? is it through support to governments or AGRA has partners working within African Nations, or both?
Samrawit Geremew
Hello, Samrawit Geremew, Project Manager at RENEW. www.renewstrategies.com I am so happy to be a part of this exciting program for women Agribusinesses and see the great things to come!
Mariah Ngutu
Hello everyone I am Mariah Ngutu, PhD. A gender and anthropologist research Associate at the University of Nairobi. I am very much interested in empowering women through agriculture, business and enterprise. Excited to be part of this launch!
Arjmandbanu Khan
Very interesting perspectives and practical tips on adaptation during COVID. Thank you Rael for sharing.
Mejury Shiri
https://value4her.hivebrite.com/signup - to join VALUE4HER digital platform
Jean Njiru
Hi everyone, I am Jean Njiru CEO of Vegemark Limited. Vegemark is a digital agricultural extension company that connects farmers to sources of agricultural products and services. Through our short code platform, updates and alerts in agriculture are delivered to mobile phones of subscribers daily.
Arjmandbanu Khan
There are many digital platforms for women SMEs such as Shetrades, HerVenture and ValueforHer? How can we ensure that these platforms are not duplicating efforts but rather meeting the unique and real needs of women.
Arjmandbanu Khan
I think apart from access to all the things we have talked about, we also need more examples of successful women in agri business IE role models- women who have chosen agriculture/farming as a career path or a business of choice. We need to see, hear and learn from these great women, whether small, medium or large or examples across the value chain. I loved the fact that you brought Rael and she shared her story both success and mistakes.
Justine Kagamba
Vitea Eco farm is into the production of Pulses like Soy, beans, G.nuts then Maize, cassava, potatoes and herbs and spices plus vegetables.
Arjmandbanu Khan
Fantastic Lucy your example resonates so well with the issue of access to markets. For long the government supply chain has been over represented by male owned businesses. Women are slowly getting into this lucrative market but they need funds once they get contracts. I am speaking from experience of working with women in access to public and private sector procurement.
Amede Achingale
Thank you Lucy
Amede Achingale
Great presentation and on point
Vanessa Adams - VP Strategic Partnerships AGRA
We hope you all share the link to the digital Valu4Her Platform to join the ARISE program at https://value4her.hivebrite.com/signup - to join VALUE4HER
Amede Achingale
Very true
Catherine Gitonga
Good one. its important to work with Financial Institutions to develop products that fit valuechains of products and services traded by women run SMEs.
Mariah Ngutu
Congratulations on the launch of the Arise program!
Arjmandbanu Khan
So good to hear the focus on girls as the future of Africa. Thank you USAID Mission Director. Very important points you raised.
Amede Achingale
Congratulations on the launch of this great initiative
Thanks all
Amede Achingale
Thank you everyone