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7th Grade Orientation - Shared screen with speaker view
TaBbY BlOoMfIeLd’S iPhone
How do new students get JMC accounts? I applied for approval weeks ago.
Kayt Klemek
Shannon in the High School office will have JMC information. You can call the high school office at 507-553-5819 tomorrow and get the information!
What if your kid cannot wear a mask?
TaBbY BlOoMfIeLd’S iPhone
Attendance Exam? 6 days per semester when they are asking us to keep our kids home with possible covid symptoms? Can they not just switch to virtual learning in those circumstances?
Kelly Schlaak
Any absences a student may have due to COVID symptoms would not count toward needing to take attendance exams.
Kelly Schlaak
If your student cannot wear a mask please contact the high school office as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to address this issue. Can the student wear a shield?