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ARIS - June 11, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cathy Piantigini
If a position is frozen for six months (July-Dec), does is still count as a vacancy?
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What about libraries that buy Hoopla on their own? These have to be through the network is that correct?
Molly Moss Forbes Library Northampton
if we have overdrive advantage, where would enter those
Karen Kelley
Where do you count hoopla, kanopy and other streaming services?
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If libraries don't catalog their periodicals and count their checkouts by hashtag - do they record that as circ or not? The bib would be in the consortium catalog just not their barcoded item.
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OverDrive serials: count each title in H48? E.g. 50 titles in the subscription.
Mary Rose Quinn
If you don't catalogue periodicals online, you still have a record of ownership; include the count. If you circulate them outside of the library by a manual count, include them as circulation. if they are borrowed for in library use only, they do not count for circulation.
Danielle (Acton)
just to clarify for C1--an ebook "checked out" in hoopla is counted as usage of electronic collection, NOT as an ebook as counted below? (overdrive e-books are counted below?)
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OK. What if it's on an honor system that the patron returns them? E.g. they count 5 copies of Good Housekeeping checked out on 5/1/2020. But patron name is not recorded. Count?
Mary Rose Quinn
Please contact me offline to discuss manual circulation. Thanks. Mary Rose
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Is it spelt out in ARIS that libraries should not count in house use of Reference works and in house use of periodicals? I think some libraries are turning a blind eye to that and they count it.
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Since 2002 we've been using circ by owning location that is not new.
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The since 2002 point is seperate to the in house use question.
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I'm sorry if I missed this. We now do autorenewals. How are these counted in ARIS? Or does this factor more into the State Aid report (not ARIS).
Karen Kelley
S1: Including Curbside services
Molly Moss Forbes Library Northampton
is the information about including reference but not including virtual programs in the instructions?
Veronica Hernandez Brown
does the director contract apply to libraries with only 2-3 employees? or a private library, not a town library?
Karen Kelley
Can meeting rooms in other buildings be included ?
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Thank you both!
Virginia Johnson (OCLN, Hanover)
Bye all!