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LWVNJ Pre-Convention Workshop: Songs of the Suffragists: The Role of Culture in Advancing American Feminism - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Pendolino (she/her)
I had no idea women had the right to vote in NJ in the late 18th century!
Vanessa Merhi
I knew a little about that aspect of NJ history, but not in detail. The reasons behind the revocation are fascinating...and dismaying!
Fatima Munshi
Just posting the link to the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Suffragists-Lyrics-American-Feminism/dp/1711686433
Vanessa Merhi
Would it be possible to screen the film for other audiences? I’m thinking Girl Scouts, faith communities, etc.
Tara Grenz
Most of the songs sound "Gospel" or "Choir"-as this considered a Christian movement at the time? Since foreigners and African Americans may hve had other religious/spiritual practices. I also remember a parody of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Women sang "I will aim, and shoot, and bayonet, I will March and kill and die, I just can't go into Battle yet, my hair is not completely dry". (Women in the Military). From Mad Magazine
Susan Sferas
We need someone like Harry Burns in the Senate now to pass the bill removing the deadline to ratify ERA!
Laura Engelhardt
This film & program can be freely shared with any group!
Sara Cyrus
I hope you submit it for the LWVUS convention next year. It was great!
Vanessa Merhi
Thanks for sharing this awesome project! I’m a bit of a history buff, and I learned a lot.
Timothy Priano LWVNJ
Thank you for all the leg work that you all have done for the future of the league
Jennifer M Howard, LWVNJ
Vanessa Merhi
vanessamerhi@gmail.comPls add me to the list
Nora Krick
Please add me: ndkrick@verizon.net
Laura Engelhardt
Susan Sferas
suesfer@aol.com - please add me also
Melissa Pendolino (she/her)
Thank you!
Nora Krick
Thank you
Tara Grenz
I would love to access the info on Maternal health. My email is tarawalshgrenz@gmail.com
Jennifer M Howard, LWVNJ
thank you all .hope to see you this evening for the keynote and tomorrow at the convention.
Tara Grenz
I like singers like The Cranberries where the lead sings about the atrocities of war-she sings about the Irish factions fighyting for 100s if not 100s of years. Or a play like Medea, where things get so bad she kills her own children rather than let them kive in the world (a bit of Debbie Downer there). I also like women who celebrate there feminity-the 3 Sarahs this year: First Female football kicker, First Superbowl Ref, First Transgender Senator (DE)
Vanessa Merhi
Who gets to decide what’s offensive?
Tara Grenz
My daughter says we should listen to "Big Sis Energy", its on Spotify-adding to Meliisa's idea whatbif we created a spotify contemporary playlist for ERA or other?
Tara Grenz
K Lamar sings about police brutality/BL< but does acknowledge he was in a gang and did violence in his youth. He also has a song that is NOT flattering to woman but I would rather listen and respond calmly then ignore , especially if he has a big audience or is influential to our youth, boys and girls, sons and daughters
Jeanne D M
Thank you all very much. my internet is unstable so I need to go.. -conversation made me think of the quote. Well-behaved women seldom make history. t
Vanessa Merhi
Welcome, Fatima! Thanks for this great conversation. I need to drop off now.