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Immigration update from the Home Office - Shared screen with speaker view
AoC Events Team
Good Morning Everyone and thank you for joining us today. Any questions you have throughout, please feel free to pop them on here, you will also have the opportunity unmute and ask after Paul's update
Sarah Powell
We use SOC code 2312 which is in RQF 6, based on what you stated earlier, is this changing to RQF 3 meaning a reduction in salary thresholds? Currently, we are unable to sponsor a lecturer for a Tier 2 visa due to an increase of salary within this SOC code
Laura Rose-Troup
For HEP Eng Lang assessment can you confirm that students don't need to provide any documentary evidence with their visa application?
Nicola Dockar
As regards the evidence that we have need to keep to prove that we have checked immigration statuses for applicants next year... What evidence will you be looking for at an audit?
Laura Rose-Troup
Can you tell us what month 'Summer 21' could refer to for graduate route eligibility? E.g if a student graduates in June 21 are they likely to be eligible?
mark allen
At previous meeting you acknowledged the issues around suspension of CAS if there are educational oversight issues and the potential damage to achieving international student growth targets. Is there anything further you can add to reassure sponsors?
Susanne Peden
Is there any guidance on financial support for EU individuals looking to study in the UK?
Skip Evans
With regard to STSV <6 month changes - will students coming to the UK for short courses need some form of support letter from an institution to come as a visitor? We have students from India coming for a 6 month programme and they currently apply in advance with a letter of support from us setting out all the details of the course and duration.
caron lewis
Earlier you mentioned that an EEA national coming into the UK less than 6 months post 01/01/21 can use the e-gates but I thought they need to show their enrolment letters at Immigration. Also, will they receive a different stamp in passport?
Skip Evans
With students using e-gates, how will we know (and be able to prove we know) the validity / duration of their leave as a visitor if there are no stamps?
Daniel Rose-Troup
if a student completes course in March 2021 and has wrap up leave until July 2021 would they be eligible for Graduate Route?
Yvonne Richards
How will Share Codes be checked?
Mervyn Adams
The Academic Engagement Policy is a significant change for HEPs Would it be possible for HO to deliver a session / webinar for Sponsors sepcifically on the Policy?
Charlotte Phillips
Currently we have EU students that complete part time postgraduate programmes, will they be able to continue to do this? I ask as part time study for non-EEA students is currently not feasible because of the limitations on work that are set by the UKVI.
Kris Lozanov
In the period between 1st January 2021 and 30 June, how will EU students entering the UK as student visitors be distinguished at the border from EU students who are usually living in the UK but have not applied for settled/pre-settled status yet?
Susanne Peden
How long does the student visa last for? If someone can apply six months before would it expire before their course ends?
Yvonne Richards
If EU,EEA re-enrollers in September do not have EUSS or Pre-SS what should happen?
Richard Li
Will the threshold of 50 CAS annual allocation be increased in defining a small provider?
Laura Rose-Troup
There's a discrepancy between the immigration rules and sponsor guidance on the point of stand-alone English versus pre-sessional. Guidance states “B2 English courses” permitted but rules only include “pre-sessional English”. Can you clarify?
Laura Rose-Troup
Will do
Laura Rose-Troup
Very helpful update - thank you!
Sarah Gore
Very helpful thank you
Anne Marie Queija
Will be good to do it again
caron lewis
thank you
Richard Li
thank you