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Making Research Matter: Insights from Research on Research Use - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruth Neild (she/her)
Hello! As you enter the webinar, please introduce yourself in the chat. If you wish, feel free to share your organization or geographic location too.
Hello< I am adrie Visscher from the Netherlands, university of Twente
Eric Knuth (NSF/UT-Austin)
Hello, I am currently a Program Officer at NSF, and a professor at UT-Austin.
Michael Mesa
Greetings from Florida State University
Jen DeNeal
Hi there! I'm a doctoral student at North Carolina State University.
Steve Fleischman
Greetings! I'm Steve Fleischman (he/him) from Change Dynamics, LLC and a SREE board member.
Jenni Redifer
Hi everyone, I'm psychology faculty and Assistant to the Dean for Research at Western Kentucky University
Leland McGee (he, him)
Greetings, I’m Leland McGee from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.
Beth Gamse
Beth Gamse, independent consultant, Cambridge MA
Kat Kirkman (She/Her/Hers)
Good afternoon! I am Kat Kirkman a Data Analyst at the School District of Philadelphia
Sherri Castle
Hi! I'm faculty and assistant director for research at the early childhood education institute at the university of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Looking forward to this presentation.
Jennifer Harris
Hello everyone! I am Jennifer Harris, program evaluator with a school district from Reno, NV
Meghan McDoniel (she/her)
Hi everyone, I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University in the Graduate School of Education. Very happy to be here today!
Jenni Redifer
Aloha Everyone. I am a researcher at the Kamehameha Schools Hawaii campus.
Frannie Noble
Hello, I'm the Associate Director for IDELA Communications at Save the Children. IDELA is the International Development and Early Learning Assessment.
Tiana Yom (she/her)
Hi, I’m Tiana (she/her), Director at Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL). Lovely to be connected with everyone here today!
Sarah Vahed
Good evening (from the Netherlands). I’m a researcher at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Looking forward to the presentation.
nicole russo-ponsaran
Hello! I'm a researcher from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. Glad to be here
Hi Everyone. Amanda Parsad, Principal Research Scientist at Abt Associates Inc.
Carolyn Gosse
Hi! I am a researcher at the University of Virginia partnering with the state in the Early Childhood sector to gather data to inform policy and practice for children ages birth to five.
Kristin Gagnier
Kristin Gagnier (she/her), Director of Dissemination, Translation, and Education at the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Excited to be here!
Heather Lavigne
Hi everyone; I’m Heather Lavigne and I’m at Education Development Center and serve as the lead for Applied Research for REL Northeast and Islands. Glad to be with you all!
Andrew Schaper
Hi Everyone! I’m a research-to-practice associate engaging in research and technical assistance at the National P-3 Center at CU Denver.
Nayeli Bernal (she/ella)
Hello from Oakland, CA! I’m the Founder & Principal of Papalotl Consulting, a social change research and evaluation firm. Great to be here!
Lela Chakhaia
Lela Chakhaia from Save the Children USA, working on ECD research
Julie Neisler (she/her)
Hello All! Julie Neisler - Quantitative Researcher for Digital Promise, equity-centered education non-profit.
Ruth Neild (she/her)
Welcome everyone! Please put questions and comments for Vivian in this chat box. Please indicate if you're willing to be called on to share your question or comment (no pressure - just an option!).
Sylvia Pu
Hi everyone, great to be here today. I'm a consultant changing decision-making from exclusive to collaborative.
Mary Avalos
Hi from Miami, FL! I’m wondering if Vivian has written these findings up for publication? And if so, where might we find these sources?
Lela Chakhaia
I know that William T Grant Foundation is mostly focusing on US, but I was wondering if Vivian has done any work on the use of education research in international contexts, and how do you think these principles would apply outside UA
Rebecca Maynard
Re the Food Order analogy: How do you think about the role of the kitchen and wait staff in helping guide the customer's orders-- develop an appreciation for new or different foods? Seems there may be two sources of the mismatch between what is supplied and demanded.
Sylvia Pu
A few follow-up questions regarding the case study on developing Math standards. How were the standards implemented? What processes were engineered to help students meet the standards? Were there any pushbacks? Did the updated standards elevate inequity issues among students with limited support? I know these are loaded questions. But I just want to get us to think as a group more about the "data/standards to action" process. Thank you.
Steve Fleischman
Question for Vivian: How to we address reluctance of funders to invest in "relationships and trust"--which is the building block of evidence use? Relationships and trust are process focused and seen as "soft" and sponsors like to focus on "outcomes." Same for capacity building. How do we better make the case for relationships and trust?
Jim Kohlmoos
Vivian, can you tell us a bit about democratizing evidence and how this fits into the use of research evidence?
Penny Sebring
The UChicago Consortium has found it valuable to partner with nonprofit organizations to promote use of research evidence by the CPS district and schools. Have researchers investigated this?
Jorge Ruiz de Velasco
With respect to the issue of how research becomes embedded in routines of practice — could you say more about how RPPS can move from researchers delivering a research product — to researchers helping practitioners build the norms and routines of data-informed inquiry to adapt research to practice over time?
Rebecca Maynard
Thanks Vivian and Ruth for a very stimulating session. Regrettably, I need to drop off.
Beth Gamse
I know Vivian didn't want to stretch the restaurant metaphor beyond its capacity, but eating in a restaurant is perhaps a luxury rather than a necessity, so how can we shift toward a model in which research is more routinely integrated into decision-making?
Steve Fleischman
Thanks Vivian. I appreciate the glass half full view.
Kim Austin
I’m also interested in Jorge and Beth’s questions about embedding research in routines - what does this look like at the school, district and state level?
Kim Austin
To extend the metaphor - what does this look like at the kitchen table?
Chelsea Farley
Great discussion. Thank you, Vivian (et al!)!
Maureen Lovett
This has been a superb session. Thank you very much Vivian!
Heather Lavigne
Thank you Vivian and everyone for this session!
nicole russo-ponsaran
Thank you Vivian for taking the time with us today!
Kim Austin
Great session, thank you!
Matthew Wronski
Thank you!!!
Ellen Weiss
The slides and recording will be posted on the SREE website in the near future.
Ellen Weiss
as soon as it is ready!
Viki Young
Terrific session-thank you, Vivian!
Sylvia Pu
Thank you, Vivian, for sharing your insights. Glad to meet everyone today. Stay safe.