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Zikaron Basalon- Yom Hashoa Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Shana Jacobs
From Gail: Incredibly beautiful and so touching! Thank u for sharing!
Shana Jacobs
From Carole K: Such poignant stories! Thanks to Bob and Hedy for sharing their histories and family stories so eloquently.
Shana Jacobs
This will be posted on the JCC Denver website on the Jewish Life page tomorrow
Shana Jacobs
From Lynn S: Some of the feelings passed to the next generation. My dad passed along some of the anxiety he had flying bombing missions over Italy in WW2. These traumas spread everywhere when people move, more indiscretely. My Jewish grandma squeezed my cheeks.
Shana Jacobs
From Barbara Z: I am Hedy's age and grew up in a "shtetl" in Brooklyn, NY. My grandparents came to the US about 1900 so we didn't lose immediate family. We knew something bad had happened in Europe, but no one really talk about it until I was about 13 or 14. Later, I learned that we did have cousins who never made it out of Europe.