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Greater Melbourne’s Visitor Economy: Road to Recovery Series – Forum 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Councillor Jonathon Marsden Williamstown Seaport Festival Chair
breakout forums a great idea!
Virginia Lovett
Creative victoria, Australia council are planning research on consumer behaviour for events/theatre etc
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
To all who have submitted questions today that don't get answered, thank you!We will save these, answer them and send the Q&A sheet around along with the recording in the following week - these questions will help inform our future road to recovery events.
Committee for Melbourne
Thank you all for a great panel and all the participants! Looking forward to keeping in touch. Martine Letts
Thank you all – very informative. Stay safe
Susan Lee
Very good thanks all!
Susan Lee
Loved the concierge idea put out - may need a number of them given the wide and many needs crossing government
Susan Lee
Reliance on direct marketing in the self drive, regional and lower value $$ market is a fundamental skill for tourism operators. As an industry we’ve often focused on fancy top tier digital approaches that are nuanced for markets too. Also in the West, they rely on mining more so their urgency peaks when iron ore prices drop! and of course now in Covid..
Susan Lee
good point Jan
Susan Lee
they don’t know what to do because they just promote, they don’t do development
Susan Lee
people fear litigation if they take risks, but need cashflow
Susan Lee
Agree - can use old school tactics and they still fit beautifully in a crisis