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Faith Lutheran Worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendelin Dunlap
Wow, amazing impact, thank you :-)
Shannyn Fuerst
Across from the sign
Jessica Moore
Thank you Central Lutheran for your incredible generosity! You are truly making a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need. Thank you for be a blessing to these families! We are so grateful! - Jessica Moore, VOA Director of Development
James Estill
The link for Giving Tree is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lLT37xPohWpQ_Zgp2jRoq8lqZaJMD9n6KV7izWatTiU/edit . Also available in the 11/24 weekly Faith email.
James Estill
The Estills will be at Faith December 13th from 4 to 6 to receive the gifts. If you can't make this drop off time, email Nancy at nancy.estill@gmail.com to arrange a pick up. Thank you!
Shannyn Fuerst
Sorry! I turned off my speaker when Vicar Pam was speaking!
Estelle Morley
Thank you, Pastor Shannyn for the awesome sermon! So inspiring and exactly what we need to hear "at such a time as this".
Misi French
The Ignatius practice of Examen is this:1. Become aware of God’s presence.2. Review the day with gratitude.3. Pay attention to your emotions.4. Choose one feature of the day and pray from it.5. Look toward tomorrow.The Daily Examen says this:A person dwells in a state of desolation when they are moving away from God’s active presence in the world. We know we are moving in this way when we sense the growth of resentment, ingratitude, selfishness, doubt, fear, and so on. If my outlook becomes increasingly gloomy and self-obsessed, I am in a state of desolation. I am resisting God or, if not actively resisting, I am being led away from God by other influences.Consolation can hold many emotions and experiences. Consolation does not mean that I feel constantly happy or at peace. In fact, sometimes when I am doing precisely what God is leading me to do, I might feel negative pressure from others, or I might find the experience a challenge because I’m growing and learning.
Misi French
Yet if I sense in my spirit that I’m going the right way, this spiritual reality consoles me whether the day is bumpy or smooth.
Asking for prayers for my dad, Ralph Petersen. He is failing quickly and the end of his time on earth seems to be nearing. We are having a family meeting in a few minutes with Dad to talk about safety issues and care needs. He is both confident in his faith and acknowledges his life journey, but at the same time, his stubborn Danish spirit is not willing to go softly into the night. He's pretty feisty. Just prayers for peace.
Rick B12
Peace be with your entire family, Karla.
God's Peace everyone!
Peace and comfort to your family, Karla
God's Peace to you all
Rick and Suzanne Gleason
true that.
Linda Mihalov
Thanks so much, Pastor Shannyn and MIsi, for sharing the daily examen. So simple and practical.
Jill Richmond
Happy Advent!
Jill Richmond
Connor had his already, but he fell asleep
Julie Pierce
An Anticipatory Advent to each of you!