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Visionary Leadership - Western Australia - Shared screen with speaker view
Kylie Walker
Hello from Ngunnawal Country and thanks for joining us!
Good morning everybody and welcome
Marguerite Evans-Galea
Congratulations again on your #IMNIS journey! Be sure to make a post about Visionary Leadership or some of these fantastic tips from Professor Beazley on social media using #IMNIS2021. Mentors and mentees, please share a selfie or a photo of where you are this morning as well! #proudIMNISmentor #proudIMNISmentee
Marguerite Evans-Galea
This year, IMNIS has grown to more than 400 mentoring partnerships from 53 leading research organisations and centres of excellence around Australia. For the first time, IMNIS transforms to include all STEM disciplines, with seven (7) priority areas that align with the Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering’s policy forums – these are: Health Technologies, Digital Futures, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Resources & Renewables, Minerals & METS, Agriculture and Water Resources. We are developing new ways for IMNIS mentors and mentees to engage with ATSE’s activities, and this takes us in an exciting new direction. #WatchThisSpace
Marguerite Evans-Galea
The IMNIS team is here for you – reach out anytime. We can be reached through Mentorloop. We are also on LinkedIn.
Scott Cummins
For all those that have registered recently on Mentorloop, I'll be sending out our guidelines again in case anyone did not receive them.