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USU 21st Century Workforce Strand: Virtual Conversation on Badging and Credentialing - Shared screen with speaker view
Sorry, but this is all new to me, so everything was useful.
Jay Gladden
Aha moment -- excitement about convenings that will be happening
Louie Rodriguez
I appreciate the examples provided particularly around competencies whether it is student leadership, health care, or written communication.
Dan Berman
I had not thought much about RE-certification as a possible pathway in this space (something Roy suggested/implied). This is interesting and deserves more attention.
Andrea Rodriguez
Wonderful! Thank you all! Keep the thoughts and ideas coming in!
Cindy Parnell
ASU - love the grid on common language for differing credentials. ASU launched the Cognizant Digital Business Analyst Certification Program - learn more at goto.asuonline.asu.edu/cognizant
Jay Gladden
IUPUI is actively working on a technology pathway that will build on existing and highly successful Pre-College program and carry that through a 4 year degree to a career in IT in central Indiana. A foundational element of hte program will be project based learning, which is already in place in the pre-college program
UNT is currently participating in a badging program through the Career Connect ePortfolio. I found the faculty incentive discussion very interesting.
Debra Gelinas
I am responsible for developing a micro-credentialing policy and procedure at UAlbany and someone asked me recently how many micro-credentials exist, so the 650,000 (I believe that was the number) stat was interesting. We are working on passing a policy with our faculty government to launch a program in the fall.
Andrea Rodriguez
Thank you for the great comments and thoughts!