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Tactical Urbanism Round Table - making it happen in Melbourne now - Shared screen with speaker view
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
You now all have access to your microphones and videos. Please feel free to join in the conversation and to ask any unanswered questions.
Mark Rowland
Hi @jaison great points around better use of the space under viaducts. You might be interested in this research we did in 2018 - it also includes Melbourne as a case study: https://www.arup.com/projects/under-the-viaduct
Stephen Coulter
@Jocelyn Chiew, great point on infrastructure. Local infrastructure creates local jobs unlike roads and rails. We need to think bigger to get real infrastructure budget support - great article on this last October by Terenig Topjian, https://medium.com/zipidi-intel/why-do-micromobility-advocates-have-tiny-demand-syndrome-5cd9f90b4572
Mark Rowland
Thanks all great discussion - feel free to get in contact mark.rowland@arup.com if you'd like to keep the conversation going.
Sara Mitchell
thanks for a great session :)
Joanne Carmichael
feel free to linkin with me and contact me!