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Visionary Leadership - Queensland - Shared screen with speaker view
Marguerite Evans-Galea
Be sure to post on social media using #IMNIS2021. Mentors and mentees, please share a selfie or a shot of where you are this morning as well! #proudIMNISmentor #proudIMNISmentee
Winter Okoth
Many thanks Sarah! Very inspiring talk
chris mesiku
can we ask questions here? The Q&A feature doesn't seem to be working for me
Marguerite Evans-Galea
Please submit your questions through the Q&A function.
Marguerite Evans-Galea
Great to see some questions coming in! We will have some time for questions after the panel, so please do submit.
Marguerite Evans-Galea
For #IMNIS2020 mentees (soon to be #IMNISalumni!) we will send your Completion Certificates to your organisation's IMNIS coordinator. We will let you know, so please stay engaged on Mentorloop - your account will remain open for some time after the program.
Marguerite Evans-Galea
Bravo Olumide! Embracing opportunities.
Marguerite Evans-Galea
All Mentees will do a Mentoring & Sponsorship workshop to help you prepare - I'll say more on this in a moment.