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MMAC Special Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Maya Conrad
Please be sure to mute yourselves unless you’re speaking. Thank you!
Bonnie MacGregor
Wetlands seem to be the one area where we need to look at extraordinary as from the perspective of the habitants of the wetlands:
Anne Pierson
I would think 45 degree parking on either side of Hiller would work with mitigating traffic through that area and increase parking and accessibility.
Anne Pierson
Transportation is provided on Central Ave. but Hiller would also be an excellent location for additional transportation options.
Anne Pierson
Skateboards are questionable as the young people who use them tend to think they are invulnerable to the movement of others.
Anne Pierson
I agree with Greg re the trail to the north of the tree line going from the shopping center into the heart of the city center area