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GSK SIS 2021-2022 National Application Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandra King
This is Sandra from Dallas, TX. In my 7th grade science class we made a model rocket and then had a launch in the soccer field. I got to do something that was fun and my family would not have been able to afford for me to do.
Samantha Christlieb
Samantha from Science Central in Fort Wayne, IN. Hello!
Siri Hellerman
Siri Hellerman from the Bakken Museum in Mpls, MN. Favorite childhood science memory was dissecting a flower in 7th grade!
Sarah Tropp-Pacelli
Sarah Tropp-Pacelli, Discovery Museum (CT). My favorite science memory was having my grandfather who was a science professor come do live demonstrations at my elementary school
Hilary Winiger
Hilary Winiger, Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for being here today! Select "To All Panelists and Attendees" for everyone to see your chat messages.
Deb Novak
Deb Novak, NM Museum of Natural History, exploring tidepools
Casi Herrera (she/her) - National Girls Collaborative Project
So great to have you all here today!
Amy Barra
Amy from NASA Wallops on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. My parents were big into backyard birding and growing up my Dad always had us participate in the Lab of O’s Feeder Watch. I loved feeling like a scientist and completing the datasheets and double checking my bird IDs.
Shane Woods
Shane Woods, STEM Center of Excellence, Girl Scouts of North East Texas, Dallas
Stacie Simpson
Hi - my name is Stacie. I’m with Girl Scouts of Citrus in Central Florida.
Justine Mercadal
Justine Mercadal from the Children's Creativity Museum of San Francisco. I loved my 3rd grade volcano lava experiment!
Tara Cox - The Franklin Institute
Please add any questions to the Q/A! We'll be pausing throughout to answer questions.
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
Hi Lauren - yes you can do a mix of both virtual and in person!
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
Hi Megan - no that would not work for this program model. Because the target audience is underserved communities, the program should be offered for free to the participants for the students associated with this grant-funded program.
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
Hi P. Allen - your stipend will cover the cost of all the materials. They are not reimbursable.
Shane Woods
What is the reading level for the guides?
Jasmine DeJackome
Will guides be in multiple languages?
Meg Draeger
So, "live virtual events" would be for students participating, or for educators facilitating?
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Lauren, The events themselves do not have to be an hour in length, but we will have more specific expectations, event structure, and trainings for delivering the live virtual events.
Sarah Tropp-Pacelli
Will we still be provided with a materials list so we are able to estimate those costs?
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Yes, part of the suite of content will include complete materials lists, including links to Amazon examples
Sarah Tropp-Pacelli
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Of course, you would have to purchase the Amazon version if you can find it locally/elsewhere for cheaper
Stacie Simpson
Cast mentioned that the stipend listed is per year. If we are selected for the program, are we selected for a multi-year partnership? Or we’d re-apply for the next year?
Stacie Simpson
Oops. Casi* mentioned.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Sorry - would Not have to purchase the Amazon version.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Yes, this application is for two years of programming.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Student reach and commensurate stipends are per year.
Meg Draeger
If already have a developed partnership between us and another community organization, can we identify one coordinator from each of our organizations?
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Rachel, that is correct. The educators will play a very light role in the classroom - setting up the activities and then leading active reflection. The students should still be free to experience the activity at their own pace.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
For the virtual model, videos set the student up for the experiments, the live events facilitate active reflection.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Meg, Coordinators must all be from the site participating in the national network (your home institution).
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Sarah, we prefer two staff are identified. It is ok if the roles are split such that one of those folks is managing the coordination for your site, but we do need the second staff member to be identified in case of turn over.
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Rachel, yes you very well may not need to hire any additional staff to deliver programming. You certainly can, that is an allowable expense in the stipend but you could utilize internal staff or partner staff that are appropriately positioned to lead programming.
Andrew Garner
can you provide recommendations for vendors to purchase appropriate materials?
Meg Draeger
Can specific community organizations (or sources of participating students) be changed for the second year?
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
@Meg yes you are able to change community partners between years
Meg Draeger
Thank you for an informative professionally executed webinar!
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
That was me :)
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
Email us at scienceinthesummer@fi.edu for any future questions!
Lorena Harris
Thanks for a great webinar!!! Great seeing you Casi and Andrea…
Andrea Foster (she/her) - The Franklin Institute
And please check out the content from this year's programming, Be a Chemist!, at scienceinthesummer.fi.edu/be-a-chemist
Stacie Simpson
Thank you very much!
Deb Novak
Thanks for a thorough presentation. virtual hugs to Julia
Lorena Harris
Thank you!!!
Julia Skolnik - The Franklin Institute
Thanks everyone! Hugs to you Deb!!