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Planning for Covid-19 in schools and colleges: An online tool for assessing the effectiveness of separation strategies - Shared screen with speaker view
david corke
Hi All - fee; free to ask questions along the way
david corke
Slides will be made available later today
Robert Cottrell
The daily rate is limited to 50 cases per 100k. is this going to be increased to take account of the current national lvl of 62/100k and locals as high as 500?
david corke
Good question Robert, we will pick this up in the demo
Robert Cottrell
thank you for the answer
Ann-Christine harland
We notice different behaviour between adults (cautious) and 16-18s (more sociable) in terms of social distancing. We also have adults who work in Care Homes / hospitals. The few cases we have had are largely adults tested via external Care home tests. Can the model distinguish between the ages of our cohorts, as I assume the risks of transmission are different and age groups tend not to mix?
david corke
Will pick your question up in the QA Ann-Christine
Sean Mackney
Hi Ann-Christine. You can set different parameters for different groups and define your groups as you choose - ie so you could have a group for young people and a different one for older learners, and set that there is no contact between the two groups.
Terry Stevens
The model is very impressive and I can see many benefits. Have you been able to measure the outcomes for a real life cohort which have resulted in a proactive decision being made?
Simon Lovegrove
Excellent thank you Sean that work around the vocational courses is what I need to look at currently and with use the model for this.
Clare Russell
Thank you - this is an excellent tool that will be extremely useful to us. Apologies I have to leave now.
david corke
any final Qs?
Joanna Frith-Williams
Thank you