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PANEL 4 Sharing and Heritage of Cultural Data in Digital Europe - Shared screen with speaker view
Videokonferenzraum IMT
Excuse my late attendance. C. Dobrinski
Marijnana Glavica (CROSSDA)
For Tom Emery: can you give us some examples of using GGP data in public policy context
Marijana Glavica (CROSSDA)
For Matija Strlic: do you have any connnections with Time Machine project (now Time Machine Organisation) an can it become a part of E-RIHS infrastructure in some way
Matija Strlic (E-RIHS)
Hello Marijana: I know that discussions have taken place in the past, but there has been no formal agreement as such that would establish TMO as a part of E-RIHS. Definitely something to look into!
Marijana Glavica (CROSSDA)
Thank you!
Antonija Primorac
Big thanks to everyone!