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LWVNJ Pre-Convention Workshop: Energizing Young Voters - Shared screen with speaker view
Fatima Munshi
Hi everyone - feel free to ask questions or submit comments through the chat.
Nike Bach
Could Pat explain what she may have said at the beginning — the practical side of using: (1) what age group are the programs designed for, (2) how long does each module last? (3) Who and how does a school get these? (4) Do they have to use an entire program or simply use a single module, (5) how many volunteers do you have who work on this, (6) how many schools/districts have used the programs and how successfully?
Nicole Plett
Our League has not been welcomed by our local schools. How did your League become visitors to the classroom?
Ilene Kahn
A panel of lawmakers has advanced a bill, A2763, that would let 17-year-olds vote in June primary elections starting in 2022 if they will turn 18 on or before the November general election next year. If this law passes, would it create any changes in your excellent programs?
Barbara Ostroth /LWV Teaneck
Great questions!
Barbara von dem Hagen
would you please put up the training sessions in August with contact information?
Janice Fleming
This is just absolutely OUTSTANDING. I have sooooo much on my plate right now, but I have got to make room, somehow. I will be looking for the updates on training. This was a great presentation. Your League has done a fantastic job. Wow. Congratulations and thank you!