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Virtual Speaker Series: REAL TALK - Rep. Bennett & Sen. DeBar, Oct. 8, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
James Mayo
How does the state intend to resolve the teacher shortage?
Carrie Bartlett
the US History test is not federally mandated. just FYI
Charles Araujo
How will the leg. leadership fully fund MAEP according to the "formula".
Marilyn Young
Hello All, Great Question!
Carrie Bartlett
New teacher focus is great. Necessary, but as an 18 years in educator, the LACK of focus on retention of EXPERIENCED teachers is disappointing and hurtful for our state. Period. Help with furthering our education, experience bonuses, SOMEthing. Honestly, you’re going to lose a lot of us this year.
David Rubenstein
Due to COVID and some students not returning to school, will you introduce and support a bill to hold districts hold harmless for this year to determine MAEP for next year?
Ellen Reddy
Thank you Chairmen Bennett and DeBar for your time. Have to leave for another meeting,.
Ronnie McGehee
With October and November being our ADA months that determine funding for 2021-22 and a large number of districts have a loss of students from last year to this year can we ever adjust from ADA to ADM so districts can properly plan from one year to the next?
Charles Araujo
Rep. Bennett and Sen DeBar - I appreciate your willingness to meet with us. What is your thought as education chairs toward increasing health and mental health services in the school system?
Darein Spann
History test does hold students back
Darein Spann
What they can do is urge the governor to send a letter to US Sec of Ed asking for a reprieve again. other state governors have done it. You just gotta ask. You just said virtual is not idea. so why would we expect students to pass a state test?
Lisa Karmacharya
As a former special educator - thank you!
Darein Spann
Have you all considered traveling the state, especially in poverty areas, to see how Learning(virtual is really going for yourself
Darein Spann
I push send with adding question mark and closing parentheses behind virtual
Holly Dean - Parents' Campaign
I'm glad you're all here! I'm on The Parents' Campaign staff and want to be sure you sign up for our updates if you haven't already. https://msparentscampaign.nationbuilder.com/
Darein Spann
please do. you all are different. you need to see it now. see it before the devices come. you can’t learn just listening to folks telling you.
Carrie Bartlett
Thank you so much for being open to hearing from us and for standing up for public education in the state legislature. We notice! We appreciate you both!
Anita Henderson, MD
Thank you! All pediatricians in the state would love for all communities to have ELCs. We know they help our kids!!
Sandi Dulaney
Thank you to so much for joining us and for the work you do for our schools!
Lisa Karmacharya
Thanks Parent Campaign & Rep Bennett and Sen DeBar! Your time and support is much appreciated!
Kartessa Bell
Thanks for hosting this session and for your time.
Josephine P. Rhymes
Thanks so much for all that you do for our public schools. They are our lifeblood . josephine P.Rhymes
Lula Moore
Lula Moore Greenwood, MS Thanks Nancy and our Legislators for your support and commitment to MS education, all involved. Most appreciative.