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“Fundraising During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned From the Recession, Super Storm Sandy & Other Crises - Shared screen with speaker view
rita ribeiro
Hello everyone and thanks for joining! I am not brave enough to do video today :)
rita ribeiro
I am back - questions about how board members can effectively fund raise
Michael Gower
Since this pandemic is different than most disasters, where there is no timetable or end date, are you finding it more challenging to have individuals and businesses make donations because of the increased uncertainty?
rita ribeiro
HI Michael, Yes, I pooled a few colleagues about the low level of donations at work through the company matching program and all said they are helping relatives who already lost their jobs :( and saving their money in case they get sick (granted, these are workers and not wealthy high level donors), others may not be in the same situation.
Sandra Toussaint
Center for Nonprofit is a great resource for nonprofits. The website does include a list of disaster funds available.
Natalie Harrington
How do you recommend connecting with past donors, program participants, and volunteers if we don't necessarily have their current contact information? We'd like to capture more E-mail addresses and cell phone numbers especially. Thank you.
Michael Gower
Sandra and her team are amazing!!
Michael Gower
When preparing a script for our Boards are there key messages that we should include or specifically exclude?
Linda Cheeseman
Thank you, Marian!
Michael Gower
Thank you.
Natalie Harrington
Thank you. Some great ideas my organization hadn't thought about yet. !