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January Virtual Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Bruce Coleman City of Sherwood Ore Econ Dev
It is so great to meet you all. Sherwood works closely with brokers to encourage the continued growth of many types of development in our community. If you would like to learn more about Sherwood opportunities or if you would even like a Covid safe tour of development sites in Sherwood, please let me know. Bruce Coleman, Economic Development Manager, City of Sherwood (OR) 503.625.4206 direct colemanb@sherwoodoregon.gov
Bruce Coleman City of Sherwood Ore Econ Dev
I am so enjoying listening to the perspectives. Thank you CCIM Portland Region for putting this inspiring program together. Bruce Coleman, City of Sherwood (Oregon)., Bruce
Carson Halley
Thank you Bruce. I agree, there is some major league insights being shared.
Alicia Shepherd
LOVED joining you guys today, thank you! I have to hop on my next call.
Cynthia Lee, CCIM
Thank you for having us today! CCIM is a phenomenal organization. An honor to be with you guys.
Kirra Krussman, CCIM
So grateful for you ladies!
Bruce Coleman City of Sherwood Ore Econ Dev
industrial is particularly great here including tech. and other opportunities. Bruce Coleman City of Sherwood
Maria Sworske
This was great, thanks all.
Ian Levin, CCIM
This was really beneficial to hear. I appreciate the speakers time.
Karen Koppel, CCIM
Thank you to all the panelists. This was great!
Carl Grending, CCIM
Great Job!!!!
Carson Halley
Great insights
Celia Moore
Thank you everyone!! Great presentation this morning.