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International Trade Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Hartigan
Good morning everyone, thank you for joining us today. Please use this chat box for any questions during the webinar and we ill keep an eye on here2
Emma Meredith
Laura Rose-Troup
The development bank funding opportunities that Jonathan mentioned - could we have a list of links where we need to register?
mar allen
For countries that have a vocational education sector that engages more consistently with their equivalent of DiT opportunities - what is the difference. Might a part of that be having a more stable and supportive immigration policy?
jonathan ledger
AID/ DONOR FUNDING: For Aid Funded agencies who may have funded projects which are of interest to you, please see the UK Government’s Guidance (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/aid-funded-business ) and you can set up a subscription to receive updates here
Emma Meredith
Any comments from colleges on the call about developing online learning?
AoC Events Team
Thank you everyone, slides and recording will be sent out to you all this afternoon.
jonathan ledger
thanks everyone