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Roster Verification New Principal or District Coordinator Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Bill Petrello
Bill from Kettering...Would have been nicer to have more teacher time to enter this. Most of the dates are during state testing. To have the teachers complete this by May 7th a bit tough for MS and HS Ts.
Ryan McClay
Bill, thank you for your comment. This is a difficult time to accomplish this, but the time line is chosen carefully considering spring break, state testing, and end of year activities . Unfortunately, there is no real good time to do this and some schools complete their school year in mid-may and others in mid-tune and thus at a statewide perspective, its hard to accommodate the many different schedules involved. Definitely sympathetic to our great teachers and administrators in Ohio.
Ryan McClay
No, you will have to fix it in either the SSID site or the student information system. If you have confirmed its correct in the SSID site, then open a ticket and we can see if its possible to resolve.
Jackie Boatman
Class codes can be found through your EMIS