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Meet the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp - Shared screen with speaker view
Clive Dwyer
Please post your questions and be ready for the Open Mike session at the end of the forum; Screens and mikes on!Clive.
Clive Dwyer
Heading over to Open MIke: please turn on screens and mikes.
Nicholas Reece
Congratulations Martine and CFM. A great discussion and a real Team Melbourne moment! I have to go, but can we please do something like this again really soon.
Arron Wood Deputy Lord Mayor
Great session thanks Committee for Melb and Panel. One critical requirement we need is greater respect from those setting the rules for our businesses to operate covidsafe. Events for example spend their whole lives looking after people. Lets get our business leaders, regulators, our amazing research institutions and let’s innovate to allow us to open. With numbers under coming under control and a vaccine a way off we’re going to need to live with this for the sake of our economy and people’s livelihoods.
Michelle King
Great session. Very excited to see the cities activation plan to reopen and attract visitors to our city in a safe and responsible manner.
Matthew Mulkearns
Thanks you all for an informative and worthwhile session . Stay safe
Pratt, Meryn
Awesome session, thanks CFM