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IMS COVID-19 Weekly Quick Connect - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Flesher
Where do we have a drive through at Iowa? As far sa I know we have one clinic at UIHC.
Todd Lange
The Governor is having a press conference at 2:30 pm today. There is a new positive case in Allamakee County.
Michael Flesher
**repost as my original post was only visible to panelists, apologies**we are doing mobile testing right now in Knoxville to patients who meet current testing criteria from IDPH -testing patients in their cars in the parking lot after screened by phone by a triage nurse; these are essentially office visits done in the parking lot as they're seen by a provider who decides if they need to be tested, sent to ED, etc
Michael Flesher
I was responding to the statement that UIowa had mobile testing. Our medical students were sent home.
Michael Flesher
there is a telephone telehealth code. You have to document provider time.