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Community Civility Seminar Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
To consider Rotary's 4 way test in community relations and race relationships - just an idea and this has helped all 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide Krishna
Nancy Plemmons
From: Nancy Plemmons:
Nancy Plemmons
Has Fort Collins like Denver adopted the eight reforms that Campaign Zero advocates;
Nancy Plemmons
1. Ban chock holds
Lloyd Thomas
Do you make a distinction between "enforcing" a law and "protecting & serving" the community...and EVERYONE in it?
Nancy Plemmons
2. Require de-escalation
John F - thank you for being here t o\\o share your (FC police Dept) can you please let us know the efforts to know various different demographic populations and to have better relationships . Krishna
Bill Timpson
How do the police and the university explore possible blind spots where race, gender, sexual orientation or social class have contributed to long standing biases and barriers that show in statistics that persist over time?
Bill Timpson
One of my good friend and colleagues, an African American male had his scholarly contributions on teaching, a book he co-authored with me on diversity, dismissed because it did not produce an externally funded grant or fit other narrow definitions of what is acceptable scholarship. How do we challenge traditional norms at the University and beyond?
Lloyd Thomas
We all have our unconscious biases. They are what make us unique as individuals. The issue is how we express our biases in our behavior...not whether or not we have them.
Lloyd Thomas
I really like the distinction between "racism" and "racist."
Can the speakers can comments on Police presence in our schools or better to have special social workers or trained professionals Krishna
Bill Timpson
On police in the schools...the local Restorative Justice Program has proved to be very successful. How do we shift school funding for police into a program committed to learning, healing and transformation?
Gena Jensen
Question, What do you feel needs to happen for the system to viewed as not having a racist backbone? How do we move forward since we can not erase the history of the establishment and prove people are listening and voices are heard for change.
Kenneth Summers
How did the absence of Police presence stop issues in Denver. There was a recent peaceful rally disrupted and police were not present
Stacy Plemmons
John, my personal metric for police success is how long has it been since police were 'the story' in a negative way. For that reason alone, I think FCPS do a pretty good job.
Kenneth Summers
Sandra Munger
Another way to look at racism is in a new book by Robert Jones "White Too Long, the Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity"
Stacy Plemmons
To add, I'm also thrilled to live in a community that supports Rickey's role and responsibility. And I loved Rickey's responses today, especially with regard to Racist vs. Racism, and why "color blindness" is neither factual or positive. Thanks Rickey for being part of our lives here.
Stacy Plemmons
September 7
Can you please send emails for speakers for our club visit Krishna