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Traineeships Webinar – An update on the latest flexibilities - Shared screen with speaker view
Teresa Frith
Please post your questions in here!
Jane Edwards
For construction, model 3 where the student has a Level 2 qualification already > employment/L3 apprenticeship. A number of construction apprenticeship are only at L2 i.e. P&D, Brickwork, Plastering. Will we still be able to progress students with a L2 onto the L2 apprenticeship following completion of the construction specific traineeship?
Tara Chevalier
Is it possible to look at the pack to promote Traineeships, that has been sent out to schools?
jacqui Porritt
How do colleges, when engaging with employers, offer traineeships without any detriment to CDF & T-level placements offered? If employers are being given £1000 to offer traineeship placements surely the majority will choose to offer that rather than the required 315 hour min CDF placement?
Sarah Dempsey
If the incentive to employers is £1000. What funding do colleges receive?
Philippa Firth
Thanks Steve and Teresa
helen denning
thank you
Sarah Finch
Thank you both