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Economic Recovery Committee Meeting, June 12, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Tae Chong
There are many Muslim businesses in Maine - several dozen and they are looking for interest free loans to be in compliant with their religious views. How are we addressing their needs. Many Muslim businesses are critical to the communities' health because a majority of these business provide culturally competent groceries.
Tae Chong
I am on the board of Portland's Creative Arts and we are working with many artists who are not familiar with loan processes and products. Artists are critical to our economy because they drive tourism to many towns in Maine: Portland, Rockland, Ogunquit to name a few. Portland Creative Arts gave $500 to 600 artists in Portland alone but this is not nearly enough for performing arts, musicians etc... How are we helping them? Is there a outreach effort or product for them?
Matt Schlobohm
Will any of the panelists being speaking about stimulus opportunities and coming cliffs that impact workers? That perspective feels really important in this conversation. The coming cliff on Unemployment insurance top off will be very significant, increase suffering dramatically and have a very hurtful impact on Maine's economy that we should be mindful of.
Curtis Picard
No need to raise my hand, but 501 (c) (6) non-profit organizations like chambers of commerce or trade associations were also not included in PPP or EIDL. Maine has 446 registered (c) (6) organizations.
Jennifer Hutchins
Like Tae, we are concerned by the small nonprofits that don't have existing banking relationships or the networks to access the programs. The small NPOs are also often working with independent contractors that are struggling w DOL