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I&O Professionals Convening - Spring 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rina Goldberg
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Stacey Hess | JFNA
Feel free to submit your questions here in the chat as you think of them, and Suzie will answer them shortly
Deena Friedman
Why is the level for Druze girls so high? What are they doing?
Casey Girard - Taub Center
Thank you Stacey, Rina, and I&O pros! For more information, to request a briefing, or receive updates on the Taub Center’s latest research, please contact me, Casey Girard at caseyg@taubcenter.org.il
Stacey Hess | JFNA
check out the I&O blog here: https://jewishfederations.org/about-jfna/israel-overseas/i-o-today
Beverly Woznica
Speakers with compelling personal stories
Stacey Hess | JFNA
Thanks Beverly!
Eilat Harel - MPLSFED
would be great to have some quotes too if we can share - will be helpful for people to see that people are enjoying Israel as we promote fall trips
Debbie S - Pittsburgh
Our Onward Cohort is there and will be in Karmiel/Misgav tomorrow. Our JCC staff in training teens will be in Israel at the end of July.
Emily Bornstein
So sorry I need to hop off! Thanks for coordinating a great presentation.
Julie Lieber
Quotes just sent to me from our teens this morning: “The world believes this country is infatuated with turmoil, but the only infatuation is kindness. You’ll always find a friend in Tel Aviv waiting for you!” – Ari“There is nothing like a tall rickety tower, a beautiful Negev sunset, and some great friends to celebrate Israel with. This beautiful country stuns me every morning; thank you IST 2021” – Aaron“I love Israel. To know and learn about how thousands of years ago my ancestors were in this land has truly been special. Simultaneously, this trip has given me the opportunity to hear from multiple perspectives on modern day problems and form my own perception of Israel” – Manny“When you go to Israel, it’s not the diverse amazing culture that drags you deeper into the country but the sense of belonging and connectedness to your worlds roots” – Brayden“I think we’ve all realized that this trip isn’t an introduction to Israel, it’s a welcome home celebration” – Mitch
Stacey Hess | JFNA
amazing and so inspiring, thanks for sharing Julie!