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Webinar: Healing through Telehealth during COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kaitlin Lounsbury
Hi Lisa, I see your hand is raised. How can I help?
Kaitlin Lounsbury
No problem. I hope you are doing well. Nice to see you on the webinar!
Kaitlin Lounsbury
Looks good now - no worries at all, we are all figuring out new tech right now!
Lisa Morel Las
:) I've been on ZOOM more in the past week, then in my whole life.
Tabitha Winter
Will we have access to powerpoints once the meeting is over?
Kaitlin Lounsbury
Hi Halie - yes, we will post the recording and slides on the COVID resources page on NCA Engage.
Tomiko Mackey
Can you provide resources for adapting TFCBT for telemental health, e.g. resources for each phase of TFCBT?
Kaitlin Lounsbury
For anyone just joining, Welcome! We will post the webinar recording and slides on the COVID resources page on NCA Engage.
Kaitlin Lounsbury
Hi Tomiko - great question and we do plan to offer resources on this, so we'll discuss this in the question section at the end of today's webinar.
Tomiko Mackey
Thank you Kaitlin!
Jourdan Dean
If you are conducting tele health and you see abuse in the background of either your client by a caregiver or another sibling being potentially abused, how do you suggest 1) Documenting this event 2) Ensuring that help if provided?