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The Welcome Brigade: Self-Care for Front-Line Workers at Museums - Shared screen with speaker view
Karen Connetta
Good morning. Karen Connetta from Collier County Museums in Naples, FL
Colleen Prior
Good morning! I'm Colleen from Ford's Theatre in DC
Elizabeth Srsic
Hello! I'm Elizabeth Srsic, Program Specialist at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace in Savannah, GA
Nezka Pfeifer
Good morning from the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis!
Paul Garbarini
Paul Garbarini at McLeod Plantation Historic Site, Charleston, SC
Barbara S (she/her)
Hi Everyone! Barbara Stemler - museum educator from the Washington DC metro area.
Catherine Heidgen
Good morning!Catherine Turton, National Park Service, Philadelphia.
Michele Longo
Good morning everyone! Michele Longo with the Office of Historic Alexandria
Izetta Autumn Mobley
Good Morning! From Piscataway land in what is now Washington, DC. I’m Izetta with Office of Historic Alexandria
Elena Monicelli
ciao from Monte Sole Peace School!
Ciara Sullivan
Good morning! Ciara Sullivan from Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia!
Claire Damato
Hi from the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University in New Jersey
Holly Irwin
Hello from Mount Vernon and Gunston Hall in Northern Virginia!
Rayen Gutierrez
Hello everyone I'm Rayén from the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Chile
Randy Imoto
Hello Everyone from JANM in Los Angeles.
AJ Lapre
Good morning all from Grand Canyon National Park
Barbara S (she/her)
We discussed emotional support - and understanding/recognizing that staff have experienced trauma in various forms - and how to provide healing spaces
Barbara S (she/her)
Wondering if any institutions have changed their paid sick leave policy - to accommodate for COVID or emotional/mental health re racism
Sarah Sims (Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis)
Part of my role at my museum is to provide monthly professional development workshop. Zoom has many challenges but it has been nice in terms of providing more flexibility of time so that more people can participate, and I've seen a lot more participation now than before the pandemic started. I think folks crave that opportunity to talk and connect (even if it's over a computer). So it's been a lot of work on my end but I'm trying to continue to provide that.
Paul Garbarini
I have to leave early to enter my virtual therapy session. The agency I work for provides 5 free sessions. More than half our front line staff are taking advantage of this benefit.
Karen Collier Cnty Museums
Excellent Paul!
Izetta Autumn Mobley
I have found and seen several institution, particularly those dealing with slavery, use a log of incidents. Provide an opportunity for staff to document their experiences. What is happening? Who is saying what? Its critical documentation. Having flexible leave policy. And free therapy. Access to mentorship. The creation of affinity groups.
Izetta Autumn Mobley
I think front line interpreters of color have several techniques to responding and have specialized expertise. I think taking seriously the concerns around safety. What are the emergency policies? Not only around microagressions or verbal assaults, but has there been an active shooter training? A de-escalation training?
Linda Norris