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Urban Equity Chats E2: The Party of One: Overcoming the Challenges of Advancing Organizational Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Lowi-Merri
Makes sense. Thank you for emphasizing this complexity :)
Preet Kohli
Performance Reviews are also between two people, and end-up dependent on how your relations is with your boss. This is systematic racism.
Michelle Seymour
EDI is the responsibility of everyone. I see your role as one to help guide the organization in its efforts, and not seen as the sole person responsible for organizational EDI advancement or efforts. In doing the former it's as though the organization absolves itself of the responsibility to make change happen.
Farrell Hall
Hadiya Roderique, is the Black lawyer you were referring to
Preet Kohli
Thank you everyone!
Michelle Seymour
Thanks for this!