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Pennsylvania Conowingo Meeting- Lancaster County - Shared screen with speaker view
Carly Dean
The Conowingo WIP Financing Plan is now available at the Steering Committee web page. Scroll down to "Projects and resources." https://www.chesapeakebay.net/who/group/conowingo_watershed_implementation_plan_steering_committee
Kate Gonick
Have you considered protection of current forests and riparian buffers as a BMP to avoid loss of those lands to clear cutting which is occurring on a more frequent basis?
joe sweeney
Is there any preliminary dredge analysis of sediment behind the dam? What's the N reduction per ton? Otherwise it would seem that existing removal of sediment in stream restoration strategies would be a better area for consideration
Rupert Rossetti
Bryan, Apologies for missing the first part of the presentation. Still gnawing away at the sediment load question I had last time. (Maybe 3rd time is the charm). Does the Conowingo WIP assume that the sediment load reductions are all addressed by the State level WIPS
Kate Gonick
That information should be available in the FERC relicensing filings.
Rupert Rossetti
Follow-on - the Draft Plan refers to the sediment behind the dam being in equilibrium, with occasional pulses from storm scouring - and the plan is silent on Sediment load.
joe sweeney
Has there been any consideration for a dam removal moratorium or the promotion of a more holistic sediment prevention strategy associated with current dam removal practices?
Rupert Rossetti
Thanks. that helps a lot. Yes, would like to see the study you mentioned